Pure IGF Review – Ultimate and Advanced Formulas for Bodybuilding

Pure IGF is a proprietary dietary supplement produced by Pure Solutions. The product is marketed primarily as an anti-aging growth factor. From deer antler velvet extract, the IGF-1 in the formula is reported to muscle and bone stress and degeneration associated with aging. Product claims include improved sleep, improved sexual function, immunity, and better skin and hair. With little actual research and few objective evaluations, it is difficult to determine the quality of the product, especially for new users to explore deer antler products for the first time. The following will piece together what we know about this product, and whether it makes a smart purchase.

Pure IGF Ingredients

  • Although there is little information about the Pure IGF packaging, does the list of component ingredients of its patented formula. They include:
  • Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-1) – This growth factor is the most important component of the supplement. It is responsible for signaling cell division and growth of muscles and bones. IGF-1 has been linked to increased ability to recover damage, higher immunity, and improved sexual function.
  • Insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-2) – The body used especially this growth factor in the development of the fetus. There is speculation that can improve memory and reproductive health in adults.
  • Transforming Growth Factor alpha / beta – This polypeptide growth hormones are involved in the growth and inhibition of cancer cells.
    Nerve Growth Factor – specifically, this hormone stimulates the formation of new nerve cells in the brains and complex structures, such as neurons and synapses.
  • Interleukins – These proteins regulate cell growth, in particular in the white blood cells.
  • Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4 – A protein-which helps form bone and cartilage.

The interesting thing about all of These ingredients is thatthey are all sourced from the same original matter – the extract of deer antler velvet. As far as we can tell, thesis constituent parts or Pure IGF come from a single source, and can be found in any deer antler velvet extract remedy.

Why Do People Take Pure IGF?

There are many reasons to supplement IGF-1 from a medical standpoint. It is for use by or at Prescribed Either elderly patient’s, accident victims, children with growth problems, or people who drowsy from degenerative muscle disorders. In all these cases, IGF-1 can providence critical support and speed recovery times, making life more manageable.

However, the bulk of users of products use Pure IGF for muscle gains in the gym. Whether for use in high-intensity competitive sports, or just to help with fast cutting “six-pack” abs, deer antler spray are usually sold in a muscle and fitness context. Bodybuilding sites are full of reports and advertisements for the product. Unlike steroids, deer antler spray are completely legal for public use. Their ease and apparent effectiveness for rapid muscle toning make them very attractive to men and women who are interested in reaching peak fitness through a variety of means. Growth factor sprays fit in the essential fitness triumvirate of diet-exercise supplementation.

Does IGF Supplementation Work At All?

There is some controversy about the effectiveness of IGF supplements in the form of sprays. Some researchers, such as endocrinologists at Johns Hopkins Medicine, posit that an effective IGF-1 supplementation must come via injection as work at all. IGF-1, like all growth factors, very delicate, and can easily be destroyed by common digestive processes. Therefore, it is not used in oral form in the medical field, but rather as an injectable drug. These injections are only available on a prescription basis and are illegal to purchase in most countries with no such recipe.

Despite this, legal IGF-1 sprays such as Pure IGF have become wildly popular in athletics in recent years. Mainstream sports organizations such as Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports has run a high profile attributes the widespread use of antler spray into the ranks of professional athletes. These stories show that the sublingual spray is indeed a viable and effective way to fill IGF-1.

Can we trust online reviews of this product?

What do users say about Pure IGF? Overlooking the reviews of the product at sales sites, the product seems not received anything but 5 star ratings. Swanson Vitamins on the website, the product won five perfect ratings, citing better sleep, increased energy, and a good general condition. There are questions about the authenticity of this assessment are somewhat generic and wildly over the top in their praise – the characteristics of manufactured paid for reviews.

Paid reviews posing as the actual responses is a common problem in the field of proprietary nutritional supplements. If there is no variation, no personal stories, and no other reviews to stabbing reference, these sources can not be trusted. They are just another form of advertising. Where else to find impartial objective reports from consumers about Pure IGF, we came up empty-handed – no. We see similar problems with other products like Deer Antler Plus.

Pure IGF Final Recommendations

Pure IGF is one of a new breed of consumer growth factor products made ​​of deer antler velvet extract. While the use of deer antler as a medicine is established, the efficacy of Pure IGF is suspect. No information is given about the origin of active ingredients, and reviews of online users look suspiciously overpaid notes. When it comes to addition of growth factors for the aging support, it is crucial for full disclosure of the contents of the product and are confident in the efficacy and safety. Otherwise, the risks of side effects and rip-offs too steep. Consumers are encouraged to do the research and look for deer antler products from New Zealand, the country with the most developed and humane harvesting practices.